Ducan’s diet

This diet – not a two-week campaign, in some way it can be considered a way of life and a revolutionary weight loss method. Its creator was a famous nutritionist Pierre from France Duc. Under his name published several books, where weight loss technique is described in detail. Thanks Dyukanu in some European countries opened special dining options, where the table serves, preparing only for the holy “law” of the famous Frenchman.

As an introduction, we can say about the Dukan Diet as follows:

 – It is simple, but strict, and the severity is the need for strict observance of all recommendations – only then will be able to get a result;
– On such a system, the power does not go to 1 kg per week (although it is, of course, very individual), but stable pitches are sure, especially if you add in your “diet” exercise. In general, any dietician and doctor will tell you that a sharp weight loss was never useful for your body, and the result may be short-lived;
– It is not suitable for lazy people, when it is necessary to prepare meals, to diversify the diet, and that one only eggs daily does not become boring in a matter of weeks. If you love to cook, to eat tasty and varied, then this diet is right for you! But be patient – the more weight you want to lose, the longer you will have to sit on this diet.

 And now the details:

 Food is divided into three categories: fats, proteins, carbohydrates (BZHU). It is important to remember that the most important “ingredient” – a protein, also known as protein. The substance is vital to us, at his expense form muscles. Pierre Ducane not paid attention to the concept of caloric, in his account of the energy value of the system is not conducted.

Diet on the Dukan Diet was divided into four stages:

1. Attack
2. Travel (striping)
3. Securing
4. Stabilization

 For details on each:

 1. Attack

As part of this phase, we adhere to the use of clean proteins, and proteins only. Depending on how much weight you need to lose, the duration of the first phase is formed. If your goal – 10 kg, the “attack” is not more than three days. If you are planning to become easier to 10-20 kg, the first phase should be from 3 to 5 days. To throw 20-30 kg, stick to the first phase of five to seven days. For those who have excess weight over 30 kg, the first phase will be from five to ten days.

What do we eat?

 • Eggs in any execution
• Any fish
• giblets
• seafood
• Dietary ham, low-fat
• meat (poultry fillet, lamb, veal, but you can not eat the skin)
• milk with zero or very low fat content (other than yogurt with added fruit) – up to 800 grams per day
• 2 liters of water! (+ Diet Coke)

Combine products with each other, as far as your imagination will suffice. You can not fry in butter, even a drop of oil, so buy ceramic dishes or pan with non-stick coating. You can drink coffee, tea, add the vinegar dish, eat pickles (but carefully read the composition of carbohydrates should be smaller), can be a lemon (you can not add it to the drinks), the dishes are allowed to add salt and add a moderate amount of mustard. It is recommended to add to the diet of oat or wheat bran, up to 2 tablespoons per day (it stabilizes bowel movements and helps digested fats).
Nothing else is on the attack phase can not be! Restrictions on the amount of portions not eat much at any time.

2. Alternating.

The main stage. Allowed to use all of the above products, but with a pleasant addition – on certain days you can eat vegetables in any form (zucchini and eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, carrots and beets, radishes, cucumbers, cabbage, green beans and bell pepper).

The essence of the second phase – alternation of protein days with protein and vegetable. Stage will end only when you reset the desired number of extra kilos, but in general, the phase may last several months.

Recommendations for the second phase:

1. If you need to throw off less than 10 kg, it is recommended to alternate day by day, but at the request of maybe 3/3 or 5/5.
2. If the purpose of over-10 kg, the alternate protein and vegetable protein, 5/5 days.

A nice bonus:

In the second phase it is allowed to use one teaspoon of cream low-fat and cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of cream of soya and spoon 1 tablespoon of starch. Add 2-3 drops of sunflower oil during frying, but not anymore. On the Dukan Diet is not desirable to drink alcohol, the maximum allowed – it is 3 tablespoons of wine. If you belong to lovers of cheese, you can eat a piece of 30 grams of fat 6% by dry weight. Ketchup – no more than 1 tablespoon per day.

From the following list, you can use any two of the product per day:
• seaweed
• gelatin
• 1 cup of the beverage “light”
• Sweetener
• any spices
• cucumbers, gherkins
• hot pepper
• agar
• adjika
• canned fish
• garlic
• tofu
• Up to eight crab sticks per day
• fat of-Marak
• mustard
• vinegar
• Skim milk powder
• soy sauce

3. Securing

In the third step you will gradually return to nedieticheskomu, but a healthy diet and secure the achieved results to the dumped kgs you never returned. In no case did not proceed rapidly to the other food! For each dumped kg supposed to secure 10 days – this is the duration of the phase.

What do we eat?

You can have all the products from the first stage, as well as vegetables from the second stage. A nice addition: a portion of fruit (but you can not eat bananas, grapes and cherries), 40 g of cheese, 2 slices of bread. The diet includes starchy food (pasta is made of durum wheat, peas and beans, maize, rice cereal, potatoes).
Permission is granted to two steps (not days) of food per week, when allowed to eat everything! It is desirable that was a one-day “rest” between one and the second feast. An important rule – 1 day attacks a week!

4. Stabilization

As part of the last phase of the weight stabilizes.


• A binding protein day per week;
• Eat 3 tablespoons of oat or wheat bran a day

And now the surprise: the duration of the fourth phase lasts for the rest of your life! You are ready?

Despite the many advantages listed earlier in this article, you must highlight the cons:

1. Did you feel tired during the first days (in your body will produce substances that suppress appetite).
2. It is necessary to take a complex of vitamins, because the body will receive less of the required amount.
3. Deficiency of fat, you need to make up for the addition of vegetable.
4. The long duration
5. Again, the diet is not suitable for lazy people, because It can quickly get bored.