How to choose a fitness program for the beginner?

The best way to improve your health and correct proportions of the body begin to engage in fitness. Systematic training should bring only joy and positive emotions, so the result will be only as effective as possible.

Before the start of classes for beginners need to pick a program that best suits their abilities. Many fitness centers provide testing, allows you to distribute the load correctly, adjust the power and make the schedule of classes. This takes into account parameters of adipose and muscle tissue, in the body fluid. More detailed testing involves the removal of ECG holding veloergometry and treadmill test. It is calculated as a valid exercise.

Beginners can independently calculate the load capacity by a special formula. It is necessary to count the pulse and determine the heart rate.
The formula for the low endurance is as follows: (220-age-pulse) * 0.65 + pulse.
For medium endurance: (220-age-pulse) * 0.75 + pulse.
Ensure the effectiveness of the program can be developed in a few months or after retesting. If necessary, the schedule and diet make a difference.

Ideal for fitness beginners – is training in the gym and cardio training. It is best to begin to engage with a personal trainer, but if this option can not afford to, you should choose a group workout.

Select the direction of fitness training you need is based goals. Kardioprogrammy aimed at improving cardiac function and the development of respiratory endurance. As a result, loads are adjusted metabolism, burns fat, respectively, and after workouts. Session takes 30 to 60 minutes, and they are one to three times a week.

Strengthen muscles and increase their strength exercises will help tone. In the process of training involves weighting. With their help, the adipose tissue is replaced by more active muscle that allows you to get rid of excess centimeters on problem areas of the body. To achieve a state of complete balance of a program Mind body.

Sport strengthens muscles, correct posture, relieve stress and develop flexibility, reduce the likelihood of injuries. Beginners learn to breathe properly and dive into meditation. Martial arts are one of the types of fitness training. It is a good alternative to cardio, strength training and muscle stretching exercises. The program relieves stress, develops endurance, helps to find harmony and throw off excess weight.

For beginners in fitness is necessary to remember the following, only a neat approach to training and moderate load will help achieve the desired result.