A bit of healthy nutrition

Vegetables in wicker basket

Healthy food is necessary for the proper operation of the whole organism. It is no secret that most of the diseases associated with improper diet. Abuse of flour, fatty and sugary foods will lead to a number of problems with being overweight, stomach, skin, and even teeth. The correct and balanced diet can help prevent the development of many diseases.

What it is

Healthy eating – that’s intake of all essential vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the proportion of protein, fat, amino acids and carbohydrates will be different for each person. Academician A. Pokrovsky formula properly balanced diet has been revealed. According to his research, the ratio of these substances should be 1: 1: 4. So, during the occupation of mental activity a day to consume about 110 grams of protein, 90 g fat and 350 grams of carbohydrates. Those who engage in physical activity should be 120 grams of protein, 90 g fat and 400 grams of carbohydrates per day. Food should be rich in fiber and vitamin complex to support the activities of the whole organism. The healthy eating no complex chemical flavors, flavor enhancers and other food additives. These components prevent development of the necessary enzymes. As a result, the food is not absorbed by the body and there are fat deposits.

Basics of healthy nutrition

For proper nutrition is necessary to consider the following points:
• portions of food should be evenly distributed on the clock, it is not desirable to overeat;
• must take into account the caloric intake;
• products should be natural;
• must include fresh fruits and vegetables, they contain fiber and essential vitamins.

How, in the high-calorie products contain the highest amount of carbohydrates and fats. They provide human energy, but all the unspent energy is deposited in the body fat when carbohydrates excess. Therefore you must refrain from flour, baking, preferably replace white bread or rye bran, pasta – porridge. Sweet also contains a lot of carbohydrates.

Fats consumed with food should also be monitored. They are well absorbed by the body, so you need to keep track of their quantity in the product, to give preference to light mayonnaise as possible, in general, to replace them with natural yoghurt. The oil remaining after cooking, a powerful carcinogen, so you should limit the intake of fried food.

Proteins – an essential component for building cells. With insufficient consumption of these substances can appear on skin problems, hair and nails. To fill the need to add protein to the diet of low-fat meat and dairy products.

How to cook healthy foods

Great influence on the food has processing and cooking. Vegetables should not be subjected to a long thermal treatment, otherwise they lose all useful elements, reduced the percentage of glucosinolates. These substances protect the body from disease. An even greater loss of critical component (about 97%) is cooking in a microwave oven. The researchers concluded that the ideal option is considered to be the processing steam. Steamed food contains the most beneficial components.

Healthy food – is the key to good health and longevity.